Petrochemicals & Minerals

Great Field exports consignments of base oil and rubber process oil (RPO) to India for the past two years, at about a volume of 2000MT each per month. We are actively looking to expand this lucrative market in the country, and in October 2019 entered into an agreement with a company in India to supply 2000MT per month starting from January 2020. This will double the exports of our company to India for these products.


We have captured a large amount of the bitumen market in East Africa through a group company registered in the region. We have passed over USD $15MM annual sales in this industry. Our supply chain experience and resources allow us to have a low cost of purchase and transport, allowing us to have larger than industry-average margins in the region.

We are also able to take advantage of our connections to the logistics industry and experience in the supply chain, we at times supply all the products imported into the region in certain months. Over the past several months we are slowly building the brand of the group company in order to grow to other countries like Zambia and Congo, after having firmly established ourselves in Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda.

In order to be able to compete even more fiercely in the market, we are considering buying the stock in cash from the producers and transporting them at scale to warehouses close to Dar es Salaam port in Tanzania. This will drastically reduce our cost even further, and allow us to store the goods in Dar es Salaam which is the best place from which to dispatch goods all over East Africa.


In the petrochemicals market, we have been involved with exporting polyvinyl chloride (PVC), sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) in the South-Asian and East African market. We have exported large amounts of caustic soda to Kenya over the last year, with good results and connections to the clients and industry leaders in the country. We also export PVC to our clients, depending on the volume and specifications that they require for their special use cases.


Great Field has worked closely with Minerals, such as Clinker, Salt, Sulphur Granules and many others. Our team of experts procure from reliable sources, according to the customers’ needs and with adapted trading tactics we deliver to our clients at their required time and port of discharge.