We identify opportunities for trading of certain products that have a good margin, and then engage with potential buyers for the same. Once we have finalized the contracts with the buyers through our various holding vehicles around the globe, we proceed with executing the transaction using the funds entrusted to us by investors.

We have been doing this for manganese imported from Zambia for the past two years, with an above market return on investment for our investors. The contracts signed with our customers and investors are governed by Dubai law, making it a safe vehicle for high-yielding investment.

With our experience in the Middle Eastern market, we operate on the conversative side with regards to risks. Considering the current geopolitical situation, we always aim to keep our cards close and do not take any amount of risk, even at times forcing the Iranian counterparts to bear all risk in terms of the Incoterms and other payment methods.

We have been operating with market synergies when it comes to the two markets, for example we import manganese from East Africa to the Middle East, and then export bitumen from the Middle East to East Africa. Using our in-house logistics team, we have reduced our cost per ton of freight and insurance to a minimal level, making our prices extremely competitive for our customers.

Petrochemicals & Minerals

Great Field exports consignments of base oil and rubber process oil (RPO) to India for the past two years, at about a volume of 2000MT each per month.


Great Field invests in premium quality food products that are necessary for global consumption thus making sure that we also enjoy economic benefits.